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Handmade pregnancy, birth and postpartum art and education handout downloads for doulas, midwives, antenatal and hypnobirthing teachers to print as teaching tools





Paintings, Prints & Gifts

Affirmation Art

"this poster is soooooo pretty and has such an encouraging and uplifting tone that my clients will love. I am a reiki practitioner and doula and love to work reiki treatments into the care I provide clients. this poster is EXACTLY what I was looking for and reflects a lot of the reiki discussion I have with clients!"

Chakras for Birth Poster

"One of my favourites. So helpful for teaching birth and hypnobirthing clients. The artwork is gorgeous and importantly, the text information is accurate and easy to understand. Fabulous."

Doula Tracy
Cardinal Movements of Labour Illustrations

"I am an experienced midwife and qualified hypnobirthing teacher, I have been using these images to help explain the physiology of birth, every single client has commented on how useful they have found them to be able to visualise what is happening. Fantastic product which I would recommend to anyone."

Hypnobirthing Up and Down Illustrations

Hannah Thomas

In between consciously-parenting two delightful toddlers, stay-at-home Oxfordshire mother Hannah creates handmade pregnancy, birth and postpartum education materials and art for doulas, midwives, antenatal and hypnobirthing teachers to print and share with clients - as well as original watercolour holistic art and gifts. 

Hannah's aim is to make illustrations, handouts and posters that are easy for other non-medical people to understand, and focus on the physiology of birth and holistic comfort measures rather than the common medical view of pregnancy and birth.

After a traumatic emergency delivery and NICU stay following her first planned home birth, plus a life-long journey to recover from childhood trauma, Hannah started Womb to World Art when pregnant with her second baby in 2021, and expressing herself through art became a big part of preparing for a spiritual, healing birth.

Initially focusing on painting watercolour affirmations, she is now enjoying growing her range of hand-painted birth education printouts for birth workers to share to help empower others - and spread good news about the magical journey from womb to world.

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